There is a spiritual shift happening in the world. Every day, more people choose to strive for better health, green ways of living, and a deeper soul connection. The conversation around food has grown to embrace more than weight loss and special diets because we are finding out that by simply eating pure and nourishing food, we allow our bodies to naturally shed extra weight and perform at their best. We are re-discovering that food is medicine, and that we have the power to heal ourselves by making wiser choices. There are people who have even reversed conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases by consuming plants and herbs alone. Why not control what we can with our food choices and prevent sickness and diseases before it’s too late?

I’m here to share some delicious plant-based recipes to empower you in your kitchen. I am a certified raw food chef who also loves cooked food, especially in colder weather. Growing up on processed foods, fast food, meat and dairy, I understand food addictions and emotional eating, and I also get the impact they have. Since I can’t live without good health—nor am I willing to compromise on tasty food—I go out of my way to create what I call “soul-satisfying food.”

This way of eating has been serving me for nearly eight years as an athlete, a mom, and someone concerned with the health of our planet. I have tried many different diets to support my health and athletic performance but I wasn’t getting sustainable results and couldn’t handle the restrictions and the protein/fat/calorie counting. With the balance I’ve cultivated, I now enjoy peace of mind, and my body weight and energy level is naturally on point. It feels like a big secret, but I want every woman to know. My journey and transformation have sparked a passion for healthy living, and after finding out the truth on GMO foods and animal agriculture, my passion grew even bigger.

Thank you for being a part of this community. I hope to inspire and motivate you to include more plant-based foods on your plate. We are what we eat, both as individuals, and as a collective consciousness. I invite you to treat yourself, feel alive, and be the change.

Priscilla Levac Cannon