Breakfast 6 results
  • Orange-Lavender Muffins

    These turned out really good! I had been wanting to bake with lavender for a while and the orange/vanilla flavour compliments it really nicely. Go easy on the lavender though, the first batch I made tasted so strong that no one could handle it! I got a text back from my friend saying she could still taste the lavender on her breath lol! But when you hit it right it's just beautiful :)
  • Raspberry-Thyme Jam

    Oh how I love this jam.. it never lasts more then 3 days when I make it. I love it on toasts with almond butter, in my oatmeal, or mixed with coconut yogurt. The best part is it's super quick and easy to make.
  • Apple Pie For Breakfast

    If you're looking for new breakfast ideas, here's a good one! This apple pie is raw and made of nuts, dates, raisins and fresh fruits. It's easy to prepare, and serves two people for up to 3 to 4 mornings. It's super convenient, and also great as a snack. I was inspired by this recipe many years ago from Raw Food Chef Ani Phyo, and I've been making it ever  since. I really enjoy it with a cup of Yerbamate ;)
  • Kickstart Espresso-Chocolate Banana Bread

      The first time I made this recipe, I brought it camping for everyone to try. It turned into our favourite camping breakfast.
  • Bankok Fruit Salad with Coconut-Chia Cream

      One morning (years ago), I randomly woke up with this recipe in mind. The thought of combining grapefruit with bananas, dates, and cinnamon felt like a perfect balance in flavours. This one has been my husband's favourite ever since.
  • Garden Strawberry Smoothie

    My daughter loves picking strawberries from our garden in the summer. And there's no better strawberries than freshly picked ones. Why not make smoothies with them!